Consciousness: The Wisdom Chronicles

We are committed to expanding consciousness, fostering evolution throughout the world while providing naturally derived food and medicine for the journey. Because of this, we have put together these articles on consciousness and wisdom to help you improve your mindset and the way you look at things. 

Changing the way we perceive our circumstances and how we look at ourselves has been proven to lead us to a better a life by focusing on our desired outcomes and manifesting them into our personal reality. 

We encourage you to read these articles with an open mind, take action on the ideas presented and work towards your desired outcomes. 

We wish you much peace, love and light on your journey!

The Medicine Man Global Team

How Quantum Physics Can Change Your Life

Quantum Physics

Creating Your Future Through Quantum Physics I am going to simplify quantum physics to show you how to create your life by design instead of living by default. Quantum physics is a science that explains how everything comes into our reality.

Thoughts on Healing

I write this letter from my heart and believe it will find you in an open mind. Everything I share I believe to be true and ask that you read it in its entirety and then ask your inner self if it is true.

The Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind is an amazing tool! We can use our subconscious minds to rewrite bad habits, create uplifting programs and obliterate destructive ones. This mind is perfect for holding information.

Inner Speech

Your Inner Speech Controls Your Outer Reality The conversation we have in our heads all day creates the reality that we will experience. These thought patterns are influenced by past experiences, the thoughts we are giving energy too, the conversations we are having,…

Philosophy 101

Basic Philosophy 101 Can Help Us Change Our Thoughts and Outcomes. There are many Philosophies and different belief systems on the planet, luckily in our age, we have access to vast amounts of information.

Proper Nutrition Can Heal and Prevent Disease

Did you know that proper nutrition can heal and prevent disease? The body is a perfect machine, it is able to maintain perfect health as long as it receives the raw materials it needs. The challenge today is the foods we eat do not contain all the nutrients and and minerals that our body requires.


Vibration is All Around Us. In the world we live in science shows us that everything is energy, even a rock is alive on the quantum level. All physical matter is energy in motion; the only difference is the speed at which the energy is moving.