There are many Philosophies and different belief systems on the planet, luckily in our age we have access to vast amounts of information. We can study religions going back over 6000 years and even follow current scientific discoveries. I use these two as an example because there is a common thread between them. Most religions say we where created in Gods image and they do not limit us in any way. Current Science is now proving this to be true. Quantum physics shows us that we drastically alter our reality by our belief system and what we expect. One example that comes to mind is a scientist can measure an electron everywhere or nowhere depending on what they expect to find.

Our belief system was instilled in us from our parents and the education we received. Over the years we learned to see the world through this lens. We where all educated in Newtonian physics which goes back over 300 years. Think of all the changes in the world from that time. Shouldn’t our education improve over the past 300 years?  Mainstream education in science hasn’t changed and unfortunately this really limits us. It only factors in the visible world and that is only a fraction of our reality. Our eyes can only see 1 percent of the actual light that is available to us. Lets use a dog, as an example, how can they hear a dog whistle but a human can’t. There is a lot going on around us all the time that we are not aware of, unless we use the quantum phyics model to explain. In quantum Phyics it shows us that we are all connected to everything and on the smallest level that we can observe we are all made of the same stuff. (energy)

My intention with this information is to empower you to become the best version of yourself that you can imagine. We become what we think about most, so why not think the grandest thoughts. I have made many positive changes for myself since I became aware of this. You can use it to regain perfect health, wealth and even happiness.

Imagine yourself being a radio and broadcasting out your thoughts and feelings and in turn it creates your future, this is how our reality is created. When we change our inner conversation with ourselves we can completely alter our future. This works for every aspect of our lives. Start paying attention to how you feel and be more selective of the thoughts you add energy to.

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