RSO Magic Oil

I have severe chronic back pain i suffered from a car accident 20+years ago and the other day i finally tried RSO!! Let me tell you that the flowers help tremendously but RSO is amazing!! Though i will never stop smoking the flower, RSO is my new goto pain reliever for when i have days i dont even feel like getting out of bed!! If you never tried it, I highly recommend you do!! The best part is, a few little drops will do ya!!…Thanks medicineman! — R.T., January 2018

Very satisfied with this. Floral, canna, honey taste. Goes down smooth. Only need a little for a lot of relief. Comes on in about 20 mins from ingestion. Wash it down with your favorite drink. Coffee works great. I suggest, doing this on an empty stomach. And during a time in which you have to pay attention to yourself and your symptoms to see if you are in fact experiencing relief. I found that I appreciated music a lot more during my time with this. My dose to begin with is the size of 2 rice grains, at about every 4 to 6 hours. You will know when it comes on, and when it starts to fade. Very mellow to begin with and tapers off nicely as well. H.F., January 2018

I finally found the miracle that takes away my fibromyalgia and arthritis pain, after trying every medication under the sun along with their nasty side effects. I’m out of my medication, and I can’t get off the couch because I hurt so bad. This has been my life for the last 12 years. I actually cried the first time I tried this new medication. Within minutes, my pain was gone, I mean REALLY gone for the first time in 12 years. I could get up and move, I wasn’t a slave to my couch. I just want to say, God Bless each and every one of you, please make sure everyone there knows how much I appreciate how hard you all work to keep this going so people like me can have some semblance of a life. Thanks so much!  — Rosemary; November 2017

Pre Rolls

This medicine took very little to wipe out some serious pain within minutes..combined with a CBD for sleep I slept more than the usual 3 hours ( PTSD ) — L.T., June 2018

Strong long lasting pain relief. I am a heavy user for pain and this one did me almost the whole day. I used half and then came back to it thru out the day. Definitely good for sleep if you use the whole thing as a single dose. Will purchase again. — J.W., June 2018

Cannabis Infused Topical

This cream is awesome, works great with my neck and shoulder pain. — K, June 2018

I love this stuff. Natural and makes for an excellent sexual lubricant. — Y.W., May 2018

HTC Vapes

Top quality goods here. The Jack Herer and GG are a great combo for daily medication. — B.B., May 2018

Gummy Bears

After a week of cannabis abstention, I ate four gummy bears from High Tolerance Concentrates. In about half an hour i was stoned. Very nicely stoned. Mellow, talkative, happy. After 3 hours i realized i had been high as a kite for hours without smoking !

I love these … stoned immaculate … — D.F., March 2018

CBD Premium Oil

I used this when i got a cold instead of OTC products, 3 times a day and felt better in 2 days, I take this products twice daily to keep all my aches and pains away. — H.C., February 2018.

My name is Dave R. I wanted to share an amazing experience we had in our family using CBD oil to treat what could have turned out to be a very serious issue with a possibly tragic outcome. One night at the dinner table I noticed a large, ugly mole on the side of my granddaughters upper breast. It was very strange looking, it was multicolored and had irregular edges in a small rectangle shape. We thought right away we needed to have it looked at. My wife and I decided to take her to the doctor the next day. We were told it looked bad, possible melanoma. A procedure was scheduled for 3 days later.

I had a small bottle of CBD I purchased from Medicine Man Global and we decided why not give it a try and treat the spot placing some drops on a bandaid out of curiosity. After one night of having the saturated bandaid covering it the ugly mole was reduced in size by half! It also looked better. We repeated this twice before it was time for her procedure.

When we went in for the procedure they scoffed at the notion of removing it. It was a tiny dot. They sent us home.

I am so greatly amazed and truly thankful for what happened. I now make sure I always have this healing medicine one hand and from our dogs to foot fungus it is healing again and again. — D.R., February 2018


“Jeremy is 100% off all medications now except for OTC anti-inflammatories and cannabis. This is HUGE — he was on countless meds for pain and inflammation just a year ago. Ya’ll have literally saved his life and helped our family more than I can express. When I say thank you, I really mean it. You are doing so much good for so many.” — July 2018

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